A downloadable game for Windows

(Made for Extra Credits Game Jam #3)

This plain ol' game of snake isn't about avoiding your tail. It's about eating it.

..Well, more precisely, the orange ball at the end of your tail.

Watch out for obstacles, as every part of your body is vulnerable for damage!

GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Tags2D, Pixel Art

Install instructions


ZIP is the more convenient format. Just download it, unpack it to your desired location and run the application file.

EXE (installer) FILE:

For easier access to the game (why?) with a desktop shortcut, you can download the installer (EXE). Simply download the installer, run it and follow the installation steps.


Loop Snake.exe 4 MB
Loop Snake.zip 3 MB


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Brilliant game idea, the music and graphics were done really well. I didn't finish it cause those dastardly red enemies kept screwing me over. I saw Snakebird mentioned in the comments and this game reminds me of that too !

I have a feeling I know which level you got stuck on. Some of them are a bit cruel.

Hopefully it was fun for even a little bit :)

I got hooked on the game quite quickly and just had to finish it. Great game!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

Love this game! I'm really into puzzle games, and so this fits right in. I like that in the beginning you've got all the time to think, and then all of a sudden you have to start strategically thinking really fast because there are bombs everywhere. Although I feel that some levels are a bit too fast (difficulty could ramp a bit slower), I really liked it. Good job!

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Well this is my first attempt at a puzzle game so I don't have much experience designing levels really. I pretty much haphazardly threw some blocks and traps on the level and checked if it was beatable. I did re-arrange some levels in an attempt to lessen the difficulty curve, but in the end it was still kinda steep, my apologizes.

If I decide to update the game at some point (which I have been considering a bit), I will try to ease the difficulty curve and maybe make few more levels.  :)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! I will definitely keep these things in mind going forward.

That's cool, designing puzzles is one of the hardest things... ever ;) So keep going and you'll automatically become better. You could definitely work on this more, that'd be cool. Make it like a mobile game, like snakebird!